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The Settlement Guide

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Development, UX Design


To build a secure and accessible platform for at-risk youth in the UK to help them better understand their settlement position in-light of the 2016 UK referendum, which decided to remove the UK from the European Union.


A progressive web-app (PWA), that allowed young people to take a secure quiz enabling them to answer questions about their current settlement status in the UK.

Accessible online and offline, the downloadable site provided private connection to free legal advice and a better understanding of the users’ possible next steps. The website was built modularly to the AIRE’s current schema chart, allowing to map all the possible steps for the quiz. If edits were to be made to the schema chart by AIRE, they were easily replaced by adding the new schema chart to the web-app in the backend, updating the quiz for the users automatically.

Website for at-risk youth in-light of Brexit.
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